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Even after relaxation, the PFAS standard remains a problem for the construction and infrastructure sector

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The construction and infrastructure sector are suffering a lot from the higher PFAS standard, despite the fact that it was already relaxed in December. Delays and higher costs are the result. This is reported by trade association Bouwend Nederland (pdf) which conducted a survey among more than 350 companies.


The construction and infrastructure sector is plagued by delays and higher costs resulting from the new PFAS standard. This mainly relates to current projects. Companies get caught up in discussions with clients about extra costs.

The higher costs are due to the relocation of land, according to Bouwend Nederland. In many cases these costs have not been passed on to the client and that causes problems.

Since October, a stricter standard has been applied for PFAS. PFAS is a collective name for chemicals that are harmful and polluting. More than 85 percent of the soil tested is above that strict standard. As a result, construction companies, dredgers and earthmoving companies were affected and many projects came to a standstill. That is why the standard was relaxed in December.


Felix Dijkmans


Felix Dijkmans

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